Losing Weight Like a Boss

There is never a perfect, convenient time to make a lifestyle change.

We were finishing up the school year, Aron was starting up travel season, we were developing our online business, and other busy family stuff. But something cracked open a window to awesomeness. Because of the staggering statistics about obesity in the U.S., we added BodyKey, a new weight-loss program which includes genetic testing, to our online store. One of the best ways to promote a product is to have a personal testimony so Aron weighed and measured himself and got a realistic picture of where his health was. He had wanted to lose weight for a long time, but having a simple, non-drastic program available made it a no-brainer to start.

Body Key Bag

Body Key 2

  {It’s HOTT when I see him make a decision and go after it. And also, my respect for him goes WAY up.}

Aron started in early April, weighing in at 241 lbs. He chose a goal and an end date: 81 lbs by the end of 2013.

He began a regimen of BodyKey aloe shots (to cleanse his digestive system and get his metabolism right), BodyKey meal replacement shakes, BodyKey appetite control chews, and Nutrilite organic vitamins and supplements. He cut down portions and calories, drank water like there was no tomorrow, and found ways to have intense workouts without a gym membership. Like I said in Workin’ It Out, he had to get creative. He researched workouts and apps that would work with his schedule.

Like Fat Amy of Pitch Perfect, I used to say, “Yeah, don’t sign me up for cardio.” But, out of support, I started doing some workouts with Aron. {Benefits: happy husband, cute workout clothes, and less wobbly body parts.} We’ve started eating so much better, cutting out the gross stuff we used to keep around. The kids either participate in the work outs or just know that it’s a normal, important part of our life now.

When the Travel Season began, I’ll have to admit, I thought Aron would be more challenged to keep up his weight loss on the road. I was wrong. Really wrong. He made sure it was okay to fly with his NutriBullet and brought his BodyKey Shakes and Nutrilite vitamins/supplements with him. Whether his hotel had a fitness room or not, he worked out. To be accountable, he sent me pics of himself in the gym with weights or on the treadmill. He shared his workouts on Facebook and Instagram. I wondered what in the world kept him consistent when no one was watching. He says the motivation has been knowing what we have ahead of us as a family and wanting to be supremely healthy to be able to experience it fully.

When he was finished traveling for the summer at the end of July, Aron stayed on track. Involving family and experimenting with new foods and work outs has kept it fresh and kept expectations high. He also created his birthday wish list around things like kettle bells, an exercise ball, shoes, and fitness mats to add layers and new aspects to his work outs.

Through the process, Aron found people who had been or were on the same journey that inspired and encouraged him like Chef Jason Roberts, a BodyKey spokesperson, who he met at our spring business conference. He watches folks who are farther down the path, closer to where he wants to be like Brian, a friend in Ohio who set a goal and is consistently going after it. Like Caleb, who he met in a hotel fitness room and introduced Aron to the stack workout and then prayed with him for success and strength. Like his Aunt Becky, who has lost over 160 lbs in the last year or so.

Becky Sharpe Weightloss


Today, we are taking a moment to celebrate!  Aron has lost 42 lbs. and weighs 199 lbs., the first time he’s been under 200 lbs in 15 years!

Under 200!

BA Measurements 43 lbs.

Because of Aron’s hard work, not only has he lost lots of weight, but he has found higher energy levels, more confidence, and a few new clothes to fill in the gap while he finishes up. As he’s gone through the first part of this process, Aron has found several new favorites:

Organic Vitamins and Supplements by Nutrilite: Slimmetry, Glucose Health, the Perfect Pack, Glucosamine, Intestiflora, BodyKey, XS Burn

Foods: frozen fruit, Whole Foods peanut butter

Work Out Jams: Eye On It by Toby Mac, Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns and Roses, Capital Kings, and Group 1 Crew


I’m so proud of Aron!  He’s losing weight like a boss!


  1. paula schoch says:

    Congratulations Aron!!!

  2. Becky Sharpe says:

    Congratulations, Nephew! It is such a good feeling to set a weight goal and then to see it appear on the scales. I remember the first time I looked down at the scales and saw my weight start with a “1” – best feeling I had had in a long time!

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