Felt Wreath Ornaments

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I found a cute idea on Pinterest for a felt wreath ornament.  I followed the link through to find the directions, but they weren’t there anymore.  Bummer.  I loved the idea, so I made it work.  Here is my recipe for a  felt wreath ornament


8 colors of felt (2- 9×12 sheets of each)

pipe cleaners

ribbon (18- 12 in strips)

2 needles (1 skinny, 1 thick)


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#1 Cut sheets of felt into 12  1 inch strips and then 1 inch squares.  There should be enough squares of each color to make 18 wreaths.  (Having them measured out like that gives me more predictability and allows me to get the most  out of the materials.)

(I used my Fiskars paper cutter, one of the best investments I’ve ever made, to get a better, quicker cut.  A rolling fabric cutter and grid used for quilting would work too.)

#2 Use 12 of each color for 1 wreath.  Choose the order you want the colors to appear. Using a smaller needle, make a hole in the squares.

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#3 Use a thicker gauge needle to make a larger hole.

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(This is the only way I could think of to make a large enough hole to be able to thread the pipe cleaner easily.  If you have a better, quicker idea, I’d love to hear from you!)

#4 Thread the squares on the pipe cleaners.

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#5 When all the squares are on the pipe cleaner, cross the end pieces and twist/tie off.

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#6 Tie the ribbon once and then again on top to create the loop.

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Tie another knot at the top to complete the loop.  Make and give as many as you want.  Don’t forget to keep one for your own tree!

(This is a great craft that elementary aged kids and older could handle. )

If you have any pipe cleansers left, this is a great ornament that little hands can handle. (I found the beads and pipe cleaners at  Dollar Tree.)

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  1. Deborah says:

    I am curious about TOW of your symbols…The beautiful temple, and the Plow and cross….What specifically do the symbolize ? Thank you…D.H.

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