Super Cute DIY Candy Ring Valentines!

Since I still have two kiddos in elementary school, I still have the whole “class Valentines party” to prepare for!

Sometimes I just let the kids pick out store-bought ones, but if we have the time, I prefer that they make them and put a little thought into them.

{SIDE NOTE:  I also have my kids write valentines to each other, and they aren’t allowed to just say “I love you!” and that’s it.  They have to write each other a note about WHY they love that person.}

Brendan really wanted to do a valentine with candy, but given all the work we’ve done towards helping him in his Brain Balance journey, and figuring out he has sensitivity to dyes and gluten, I tried to find something he could have himself.

So I found this fun printable and this fun Hershey’s Kiss ring  tutorial and thought I could just combine the two.

First, I found this template, which you could print off on it’s own and it still work, but I changed the template to add the word “GEM!”

*I made sure to have the kids sign the back of the cards before adding the ring to the front so it would be flat and easier to sign.

Then I pretty much followed the ring tutorial I had pinned, but it called for 2 pipe cleaners for each ring and since I was just using what I had at home, I figured out how to cut 1 pipe cleaner in half and do it that way.


+ pipe cleaners (1-2 per ring, depending on which tutorial you use)
+ Hershey’s Kisses
+ Washi tape of choice (I got mine on sale at Target)
+ Valentine card template (original version | edited version to say “gem”)

STEP 1 //

Fold pipe cleaner in half, then cut in half.

STEP 2 //

Find the half way mark of the two pieces, then twist the two pipe cleaners about a thumb’s length up from half.

Twist the parts so the two short lengths are opposite from each other, and the two long parts are opposite of each other.

STEP 3 //

Center the candy over the cross section of pipe cleaners . Twist the two shorter sides first, then add the two longer sizes and twist all together at the tip of the candy.

STEP 4 //

Create a circle with the remaining length of pipe cleaner and wrap the extra around the circle, making sure there are no pokey parts for little fingers.

Then it’s ready to wear!!!

Finish up by taping the ring to the card!

KSM DESIGN // "Valentine - I think you are a GEM!" {Tutorial}

And here are the Valentine boxes the twins made!

Merry Christmas!

Does anyone else feel like time flies faster every year?! This year I was so busy trying to get pictures…

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