I started KSM Design in 2002 while living in North Carolina, back before I was a wife or a mother.  I dreamed of one day being able to help support my family by doing the things I love: including using my graphic design and photography skills, my love of all things artistic, decorating {and redecorating} my home, and for the past twelve years – being a wife and a mother.

This dream of mine had to take a back seat, however, after getting married, moving to Georgia, and having my girls and my twins.  I continued to do freelance work, but I needed to focus on being a  wife and a mother while my children were still at home with me all the time.   But now, I’m finally able to start focusing on my dream of KSM Design again, this being the first year all four of my children are in school {can I get an amen?!}, and after much prayer about where God wanted me to be to best serve my family.

I am so thankful you stopped by, and as you look around my website, I hope we will get to know each other better, and I hope you can use the information I share in your own life and home.

Life is not perfect, actually it’s a constantly moving mess, but it’s our mess and the Lord continually shows me his love through the small things and quiet moments we have as a family.  These instagram pictures are just glimpses of my life, my mess and the moments the Lord gives me:


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