Logo Design: Surviving Sarah


I had so much fun working with Sarah Bragg on her logo redesign this summer!  She is such a down-to-earth, creative and real person, and I love that she is using her talents to help the rest of us women “survive” in this world of mother-hood, working or stay-at-home moms and just being our best selves.  Her podcasts are amazing!


First, I met Sarah at her beautiful home to come up with some new head shots.  I got to see her beautiful decorating style as well as where all the podcast magic happens.

I was so excited about how stunning these pictures turned out!  And y’all!  Sarah is as gorgeous on the inside as she is on the outside!


The next step was coming up with a logo design that would work well on her blog as well as for her podcast photo.  In the end, Sarah decided she needed something that would work well horizontally for the podcast images.


FINAL BRAND survivingsarah_logo survivingsarah_blog



Here are some links if you’d like more information on Sarah Bragg and her amazing podcast, “Surviving Sarah”:

Surviving Sarah Blog  |  Surviving Sarah Podcast  |  Sarah on Facebook  |  Sarah on Instagram



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