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Every summer our family takes at least one trip to the beach, and with four kiddos, it is quite a task to get every one packed for a week!  Usually it would take me a couple of days to make sure we had everything cleaned, laid out and ready to pack.

My oldest loves lists and is old enough to lay things out herself, and she had been asking the last few times for me to write out a list for her to help pack herself.  So last summer, instead of just writing out a list for her, I came up with printable packing lists that would help the kids pack themselves.

The kids loved them because they could color the pictures as well as follow the lists.  I can’t tell you how much this helped!!!  With each child being able to lay out their own clothes, toiletries and beach items, it cut my involvement to about one third of the time.  I still had to help the youngest with a few outfit selections, but for the most part, these lists made our packing so much easier!


These lists made packing so much easier for our family, that I thought you might want to use them for your family, too!  Just click the link below to download the .pdf file of your choice.


Girls Beach Trip Packing List


Boys Beach Trip Packing List


We just took a trip this past week to visit family, not to the beach, and the kids asked to use the same packing lists again.  The way I’ve saved the .pdf files, you can just edit the text in Adobe Acrobat, or you can cross out the ones you don’t need or use the extra spaces for additional items you do need.

Happy Packing!!!

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