DeNyse Family {Maternity Session}

Happy Wednesday!  It’s been hard getting work done this week with the kiddos at home for spring break, but between kid time and work time, I was able to finally get this family session done of my beautiful friend, Shae, and her growing family – expecting boy #2 soon!

Shae and I met back in 2014, when we both started working at the same company in the same week.  We immediately clicked, and I knew God had put a wonderful friend in my life.  Thankfully our friendship has lasted beyond working together, Shae leaving the job after having her first child, and me going back to freelancing that better suited my family.

It has been incredible watching Shae become a mom for the first time, and now again for a second time!  She is so sweet, patient and caring!  And I just loved being able to capture these beautiful “before baby #2” moments for her and  her family.
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