Round Table Institute | Logo Design

The Round Table Institute for Christian Studies brand was designed for a pastor in Wilmington, North Carolina.  His passion for using conversation and time together as a way to teach others about Christian principles and life lessons was the main motivation and need for this brand .

In this brand design, I wanted to steer away from any thoughts of King Arthur and the knights of the round table!  Really, I just wanted to get across the idea of conversation, being together and of community.  The smaller end table made me think of a piece of furniture you’d find in your living room, something you’d put your cup of coffee on while having meaningful talks with friends or family.  I think my grandmother had one a lot like it in her home when I was a child.  Overall, I wanted this brand to reflect timelessness, comfort and warmth.  The rich black, warm wood tones and fabric textures all work together to achieve this feeling.

I hope this logo gives you the same feelings of sitting together and having a memorable conversation.  Anyone want a cup of coffee?!  

roundtable_logo1 roundtable_logo2 roundtable_logo4 roundtable_logo3 roundtable_logo5

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