Butterfly Botanical Prints {Tutorial}


Butterfly Botanical Art Prints {Tutorial}

A few weeks ago I posted this image on instagram of the butterfly botanical prints I made for my bedroom, and I had several people ask how I made them.  The awesome thing is that they’re so easy to make!

We recently put the tv in our bedroom, mainly so I can do my workouts in that space.  But it is so big and dark and obvious!  And if I am distracted by something like that, I can’t relax in that space.  It needed something around it to balance it out visually.

I had been admiring botanical prints lately on pinterest and in antique stores, and thought that might be a good idea.  Here are some ideas I found online of how to use them:

Botanical Art Print Examples // KSM Design + Photography

I looked around in a variety of stores, but they were all between $20-$40 each!  Then one day while I was on pinterest, I found several free resources for botanical prints, so I thought, why not make them myself?!  And ya’ll, it literally took less than 10 minutes each to make!

Here’s how I did it:


+  Picture frame of choice {I used Ikea ones I had already}
+  Material for the background {I used an inexpensive linen-like fabric}
+  Botanical Prints {I found free botanical prints here}
+  scissors
+  tape


1.  Print out the botanical pictures you’d like to use in the size you want {I sized mine in photoshop then printed them on my home printer}

2.  Cut your background fabric to about 1″ wider than the frame back, all the way around {iron the fabric if it shows wrinkles}

3.  Tape the fabric to the frame back on all four sides.

4.  Center your botanical onto the fabric using a folded over piece of tape to keep it in place {or you can eye-ball it}

Botanical Art Prints {Tutorial} // KSM Design + Photography

5.  Put the frame back together.

6.  Hang them up!

That’s it!

You could even add some pretty ribbon around the edge of the fabric, or it would be pretty without the fabric in some see-through floating frames.  So many options for such a quick and easy addition of color and texture to a room!

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