God of Hope Art Print


A few days ago I came across this hand lettering I had done for our family Christmas card two years ago, and I thought “that would make a cute art print!”

As I was trying to figure out how I wanted the print to look, I came across this watercolor freebie from Angie Makes.  {I love Angie Makes!  She has a great selection of blog/site templates that I use to customize for my clients, great clipart, lots of tips and info and cute fonts!}

I also came up with a chalkboard version if you prefer less color in your home decor.


Here are the prints I came up with for you to choose from and download FOR FREE!  {Yay for freebies!}  Just click on the image number you want to download for a hi-res 8×10 pdf version.

God of Hope Art Print // KSM Design

Fig. 1   /   Fig. 2   /   Fig. 3   /   Fig. 4   /   Fig. 5   /   Fig. 6


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