Amy + Thompson {Maternity Photography}


I waited until today to post this photo session because today Amy will be delivering her sweet miracle, baby Carolina!  I am so excited with anticipation and cannot wait to get to meet their wonderful gift!

It makes me think back to all three times I went to the hospital to deliver each of my babies, but especially my twins.  I remember sitting there right before they were going to be delivered (via c-section), and looking at the two empty basinets, waiting for the babies to lay in them.  I vividly remember thinking, “Our family is about to change forever, and drastically!  We’re about to go from two to four kids in just a few minutes!”  Our family did change that day, DRASTICALLY,  and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Amy, I am so excited for you and pray for the doctors, for you and your baby; that everything goes smoothly, and for you to remember every moment, especially when they lay your sweet little baby girl in your arms.  You are going to be a wonderful mother, and Carolina is very lucky to have such incredible people as parents!

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