Woodland Critters {Art Prints}

In my “spare” time recently {as if a mother of four actually has spare time!}, I picked up a new set of water colors and set out to paint something I could use in the kids’ rooms.  I’ve been so inspired lately by all the adorable woodland creature artwork on pinterest, so I decided to take a crack at making some woodland creature art prints myself.  And of course I started with the fox! I was pleased with how well the little fox turned out, so I decided to make a set of prints, including the fox, squirrel, raccoon and an owl.



And after finishing my prints, I had several people interested in how to get them too, so I’ve made them available in my shop online. But I thought it would be fun to show you my process of painting them as well.


I actually started by sketching out the main head shape onto a regular piece of paper, then used a sharpie to create my final lines for definition. Then by using a piece of chalk, I rubbed the back of my sketched drawing.  Next I laid that paper over top of a piece of water color paper {I love this small pad I found at Target – all the Kid Made Modern supplies are awesome!}, and traced around my black lines.  This transfers the drawing onto the water color paper, leaving a faint chalk outline.


And now is the fun part – just start painting!  And experimenting with colors and shading!  {A good set of brushes helps too – I have some I don’t let the kids touch!}




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