Skirt Pillow Cover {Tutorial}


Now that I’m moving stuff around for fall decorating, I found that I was lacking some cute pillows for my couch.  I wanted more color and texture, so where did I go looking?  THRIFT STORES!  {Not what you were expecting, right?}  I love going to thrift stores, and found some pieces of clothing that I thought would make some wonderful pillow covers.

I found two sweaters and a skirt.  I try to find these pieces of clothing in larger sizes to get the most fabric possible.  You can also go into your closet and find clothes you don’t wear anymore that might work.


In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how easy it is to take a piece of clothing, in this instance a skirt, and turn it into a pillow cover.



+  Piece of clothing you’re going to use as your pillow cover
+  Thread to match the color of your fabric
+  A seam ripper and good fabric scissors {I only cut fabric with mine to keep them from getting dull – the kids are not allowed to use these!}
+  Pillow form you’re going to cover
+  Tape measure and/or ruler
+  Chalk {my preferred marking utensil}

STEP 1 // Take it Apart!

ksmdesign-skirtpillow-tutorial_06 ksmdesign-skirtpillow-tutorial_07 ksmdesign-skirtpillow-tutorial_08

Using your seam ripper and scissors, carefully take apart the piece of clothing, leaving as much material in tact as possible.  I cut out the skirt lining and cut out the zipper {I save these for other projects}.

STEP 2 // Measure Twice, Cut Once

To get started, cut your front piece of fabric the same size as your pillow insert – this makes the pillow fluffy and tight.  My pillow was 16″ x 12″, so the front piece was the same size.


Next, divide the length of the insert by 2 (that would be 8 inches for my pillow), make two separate pieces at this half size, adding 2 inches for an overlap (1 inch finished) and 2 inches for a seam allowance (4 inches extra on each back piece).  So each back piece was 12 inches x 12 inches.

ksmdesign-skirtpillow-tutorial_11 ksmdesign-skirtpillow-tutorial_13

First pin and sew the fold over for both back pieces (a 1 inch finished fold over).


Then laying the two back pieces over your front fabric, right sides facing each other, pin and sew the sides of the pillow cover, using a 1/2 inch seam allowance.


Cut the corners, turn right side out and insert your pillow.  Quite simple.


I also added this cute belt I had sitting in my drawer for a touch of fun!
{Oh, and if you like the ruffle pillow I made out of the sweater, I found that tutorial here.}

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